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Boss/extraction Rushing


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I'm a little peeved because I didn't care too much about the first time it happened with this group, but the second run was a repeat.


Idk if they were abusing speed/stamina mods or what but it was just ridiculous. This isn't the first time either.... A lot of people play this way. 


I think everyone should get a lack of credits for not having everyone at extraction. "Who cares about credits" some might say, but you know I care when I am left out of extraction because people are trying to 'save time' at the expense of others and not at all to themselves. If they gave me just another 30-60 seconds then I would of made it. It was complete disregard for the other co operatives.


Why didn't I keep up? Well first off I might not have the best connection at all hours/minutes of the day! I don't run stamina/speed mods because I can already abuse slide to be cheap like that. Sometimes it just happens in the middle/towards the end of mission I start getting a little slower.


Also 'rushing' a boss or extraction is when you totally ignore mobs. Yeah, I think those lockdowns try to stop this.... but sometimes it just makes it worse for the person being left behind if not every time. So not only do I have to ignore the mobs like the people ahead of me.... which I don't like doing... I have to try and catch up! As a single target instead of 2 or three others to soak bullets.


I have plenty of fun playing this game and it's easy not to play with people I don't want to. When you start to see many people doing something that is the bane to your gameplay though.... You think you should say something.

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Many people run bosses to get the boss drops. The faster they do the run, the quicker they get whatever they are after.  If you view the game as a resource farming exercise, there's no reason to explore or slow down. Consider others perspectives, you are wasting their time by not keeping up.


Personally I equip speed mods to keep up with the group, if they want to rush..

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I don't have the problem in anything, but assassination. I can see something like titles for parties being useful.... "Rush run". I suppose it was more of a rant on my part. It's less of a map thing and more of an individual thing.


It's not like I don't get the drops I picked up. It's just kind of upsetting when I fail a jump or get turned around on the map and "dilly dally" for the 60 seconds I have to meet for extraction.


Further, those higher level Tenno need so little effort to down the trash. I'm at a point in the game where I can not fathom the practice other than what seems to me as being pretentious towards those poor grineer/corpus/infested defending their leader. I personally don't leave people behind and if I'm not mistaken leaving the platform resets the time does it not? If this is the case than yea.... lol, I took my woes straight to the feedback.

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Okay, I didn't want to revive this thread. I was pretty much over the subject.


Just now I did an alert mission with a credit reward.... One person was lagging behind me and I got to extraction with 30 seconds to spare. I asked them to hop off extraction (Because I am still under the impression that if no one is on the platform the timer will reset) so that the last person could get there. Needless to say, no one did that. I hop onto the platform myself at the last second and I do so reluctantly.... I didn't get my credit reward either. I suppose I timed it just right so that it didn't register me.


My point remains. This is really obnoxious. For added insult this person had completed half the map BY THEMSELVES... and then the three of us come along and the two people ahead of me are just ridiculously fast. I have quite a few  hours logged in myself (Just saying that I am competant enough at the movement controls) and these people are hard for me to catch. I cannot redo this alert. I'm kind of surprised that I didn't get the credit reward, because I thought it would be counted as something like a cache. Oh no no no. Not the case.

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