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Hotfix 10.6.1 +


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Hotfix 10.6.1

  • Fixed unresponsive black screen appearing at end of mission. Back to the drawing board on that one, sorry! :(
  • Fixed Hud UI breaking when more than 4 players connect in a clan dojo.
  • Drastically reduced benefit of unintentionally-released Sprint Speed Aura. This mod is still in development until official release.
  • Fixed a case where player would occasionally be unable to melee/block after being knocked down during melee swings.
  • Fixed a similar case where player would become stuck in the melee charge anim if knocked down while meleeing.
  • Fixed Sentinel Crowd Dispersion knocking AI out of Bastille causing them to pop.
  • Reduced difficulty of some mastery challenges, implemented frame-time performance improvements (noticeably for lower-end hardware), and lessened depth-of-field effect.
  • Restored original Bladestorm functionality where all enemies in the current room are eligible for attack, plus fixed a long-standing issue where subsequent targets weren't prioritized based on proximity to original target.
  • Fixed missing roots in Orokin Derelicts (DX11-only); these were sometimes needed to advance in the level.
  • Halloween decorations have been boxed up and put away in the attic until next year.


  • Small Hotfix to remove an unreleased weapon skin.
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"Fixed unresponsive black screen appearing at end of mission." 

- please check out the possibility of it appearing IF you do the "Gift from Lotus" alert mission 2x. (Helped out a friend do it, and besides the lag i got the black screen at the end of the 2nd run)

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