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So my idea for a support frame. I thought a cool name would be Soutien, French for support or boost.



1. Boost. Soutien boosts all team members shields, health and armor.

Shields would be boosted by 150/275/400/500(Focus would effect this)

Health would be boosted by 75/150/225/300(Focus would effect this)

And Armor would be boosted by 15/25/40/50(Focus would effect this)

Time limit would be 7s/14s/21s/30s/(Continuity would effect this)



2. Speed. Soutien Speeds up team members speed, fire rate. and stamina restore.

Speed would increase by 15%/25%/40%/50%(Focus would not effect this)

Fire rate and stamina would increase by the same stats(Focus would not effect this)

Time limit would be 7s/14s/21s/30s(Continuity would effect this)


3. Damage. Soutien Increases damage and armor pierce for all team members weapons. 

Damage increases by 15%/25%/40%/50%(Focus would affect this)

Armor pierce would increase by 7%/14%/21%/30%(Focus would affect this)

Time limit would be 7s/14s/21s/30s (Continuity would effect this)


4. Shield. Soutien creates a force field around Team members that absorbs incoming damage,

Absorbs 300/600/1200/1600 damage (Focus does not effect this)

Lasts for 7s/14s/21s/30s(Continuity would effect this.)

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Reminds me of city of heroes but I have always love support team members.  Only problem with this fella is if you have ~250 energy you could cast all four powers and your squad would be OP Gods for ~20 seconds.  Not too many would be able to stand against a squad with all four buffs, and that is if you don't have a tank in your group that can do roar.  He would definitely have to be scaled down a bit, but the idea sounds great.

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