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Easy-tight arbitrations: for leveling purposes!


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Have you ever wondered why we have people leveling their weapons by nuking the map with Saryn or Mesa or something like that, in a defense mission like Hydron or Helene? Or wherever. The "it's fun" argument is the best argument I've found for that, and it's not a waterproof argument either since you can steal off the fun of others when you go in like that, in addition to stealing the affinity gains of someone else who's leveling their frame in your team.

But since I'm against adding restrictions to existing game modes, etc., I thought of a "new" game mode just to fix this problem: easy-tight arbitrations!

Why the name, because:

  1. Easy = it should not have the kind of death penalty that arbitrations we have now, has, the kind where you need to have your teammates collect stuff from bots in order to revive you. No, instead it should have normal reviving mechanics like any other mission.
  2. Tight = it should have way more bots than the current arbitrations have, so much that you'd have to kill at least two bots per one group of mobs to remove the invulnerability effect from them. This should be compensated by giving extra affinity from killing those bots, so the bots should have at least that part coded differently from normal arbitrations.
  3. Arbitrations = it should still have those bots I mentioned earlier, the ones that give immunity to nearby mobs. Just to prevent the map nukers from doing their thing. Perhaps make them have nullifier bubbles too, or something like that, so that you couldn't just mindlessly kill them with explosives either.

I don't know what the level range of this kind of arbitrations should be, and obviously it should have more rewards than just the affinity and your usual resources so there'd be the incentive. But then again, this kind of mode would probably see a lot of ignis wraith use if it was implemented like this, so maybe scrap the whole idea...

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