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[Recruiting] Baptized By Fire


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Our Goal


Baptized by Fire is an online community of gamers from around the world who pride themselves in being honorable, respectful, and fair! We do NOT recruit based on skill, but rather recruit based on attitude, willingness to work together, and focus on both teamwork and fun!



Our Mission Statement



To become one of the most fun and respectable battle clans on the internet.
To be known as a major part of online gaming history.
To prove that you can have fun playing games online while being fair.



Why You Should Join BBF



Baptized by Fire has been around for more than 13 years and going strong! There are always great people online to play with and talk to. There are many knowledgeable players that can help you out with anything you might need in game. BBF's dojo is maxed out, and everything has been built. We have players playing Warframe every day who would love to have more members to play with.




The only requirement for joining is that you remain active, just PM one of the contacts listed and we will get you set up. Cheating will result in expulsion from the clan. .


Contact Information


If you are interested in joining contact one of the people on this list on Steam:


Game Commander-[bBF]Rhett

Combat Game Commander-[bBF]Hammology



Or on Warframe:






Check Out Our Website!



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