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Tenno On The Hunt (Short Story)


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Banshee positioned herself, Paris in hand. Her prey was in plain site. She made a soft clicking sound, alerting the others that she has found a kill. It was going to be a special hunt, in celebration of the anniversary of when she and her fellow Tenno were awaken by the Lotus. She drew her bow, and let it fly. The arrow made impact.


Immediately a Corpus citizen dropped. He was with his family, and some friends. They were out in the woods, camping. the others ran off into the forest. They heard the betrayer's ululation, and immediately heard other footsteps charging at them. A Rhino appeared from one of the bushes and charged at them. The brute was slower than the Corpus citizens, but  he soon caught up and impaled one of them with his Orthos. He yanked it out, and seeing the terrified widow, he threw his Orthos at her, but missed. A Loki decloaks from a tree and pursues her. 


The survivor ran deeper into the forest, with the betrayer not too far behind. She quickly took a sharp turn into a cave, losing her pursuer. She took a deep breath, and looked out. there was no site of them. She leaned back against the wall, trying to catch her breath. She should be safe now, eventually the betrayers will move on. She peaked out one more time, and went back inside the cave against the wall. Face to face with the Loki. She tried to scream, but he was too fast; he took out his Fang Prime and slit her throat, all in an instant. he dragged his hunt back to the others. They were going to have a feast today. 

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