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Steel Path - Mania Ragdoll Spam is Insane


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Mania has the ability to cause a slow-motion ragdoll that lasts several seconds. It completely ignores Primed Sure Footed and he spams it constantly. This is extremely annoying as it results in an almost 100% player stun. Please tone it down a notch.

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It's literally the only enemy in the entire game that punishes you if you get too close.

I think it makes the fight a lot more enjoyable, and sometimes even frantic in close quarters! 

I wish there were more enemies that make the player think about positioning.

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4 minutes ago, (PSN)Madurai-Prime said:

How can he spam it unless you're standing right next to him for an extended period of time though? 

You should really be moving or being more tactical instead of trying to face tank a non fodder enemy.

Not to rain on your parade, but Mania can teleport you to him even if he isn't looking in your direction and you are invisible, and chains into his "lifted" status effect as instant follow up. And then he kills you in two hits from full health and shields, with you being stunlocked from start to finish.

Thankfully, they actually changed Mania since his introduction on the Steel Path; You can now switch to operator while lifted.

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26 minutes ago, Zi-of-Jinx said:

Mania and Misery, two acolytes I do with ranged weapons (guns, Tonkor lol). Right tools for the right job...

Except radiation of it's Misery...

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