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Strange Bug: T3 Survival


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I was in  T3 Survival as Nyx (with a Rhino, and Nova)  At around the 3minute mark, everything was going fine, and then suddenly, i couldn't shoot any mobs, they weren't doing any dmg to me, but they were targetting me and shooting at me.  I could talk to the group I was in w/o any issues, cast spells on the mobs (my #1 Spell) but my #3 spell kept saying it was in use, and my #4 wouldn't do any dmg to anything at all.....  finally, one of the Ancients started doing dmg to me, but I was still unable to hit him, and none of the about 12 Sentinels on me were able to do dmg to me either, just the 1 Ancient.  No doors would open for me, but I could run through them if someone else opened the door for me.


not quite sure what happened here, but if there's anything else you need from me, please let me know.  Extremely frustrating bug.  I finally had to Alt/CTRL/Del out of the game.


(I was able to communicate w/my Squad the whole time this was happening, so I know it wasn't a DC on my behalf)

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