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Just Got Accepted Into Nursing School!


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Couldn't help myself...as the title states, I've just recently received my acceptance letter from the nursing school program I had applied to!

It's been an uphill journey, but I have been blessed...it's a very competitive program and to be admitted into the program is a personal achievement of mine. I can't wait to see what's next! My plan as of right now is to specialize in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. I'd be working in an ER at a children's hospital. 

I also want to do flight nursing. They're the guys who retrieve and work on patients on the Life Flight helicopters, but a few years of working in the ED (ER) and sometimes the ICU are required before you can do that.

That's one of the many reasons I chose nursing, the career mobility.

I'll be starting in January, and this is where I must bring some bittersweet news...

Come January, I may not be seen on Warframe for quite a while, nursing school has quite the reputation for being time and energy demanding, so if I do not see my fellow players and awesome people over at Digital Extremes for a while, know that you are all awesome, and I am proud to have been able to be a part of and support this community and the development of your amazing game!

- Thomas

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Did a nurse just tell me to cut off my own finger ? What kind of nurse are you ?

A Tenno nurse. Just send me the finger and 4000 Ferrite and I'll get to work. 


I'm now waiting for that one person to say "Nursing is for girls!" so I may laugh at said person.

P.S Congratulations on being accepted! 

I am too :p Then I shall go look at the 96% employment rate and chuckle some more! Thank you!




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