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Problem With Ragdoll And Shockwave Moas


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If Shockwave moa starts to charge for his shockwave attack and one ragdoll it during this time, the moa collapses but the attack itself is continued. Tested with mags pull (see short youtube video). Also testet with kokage, there the same effect is visible. If one kill them, the attack will not continue.



If one try to push them with sonic boom from banshee, the moa is only pushed back some meters from her, but neither collapsed nor abord his attack, it is pushed some meters backwards on 1 leg and continuing his attack.




If one tries to knock him down with a melee jump attack, there is no reaction from the moa, it continues his attack as if nothing has happened.


I think the bahavior from banshee and melee jump attack is ok, but from ragdoll it looks wrong, pls have a look at it :)

(all tested with me as host, more times)

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There's a similar issue between anybody setting off the alarm and ragdolling/removing them from the console. Doing so will immediately finish the hack, instead of interrupting it regardless of how long they were at the console.

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