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Warframe Design Concept - The Weapon Master


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I had an idea for a Warframe Weapon Master whose powers maximize his use of weapons.

Brainstorm level design concepts are as follows.


Can equip any weapon in primary, secondary and melee weapon slots.
This means he could equip all 3 slots with Primary weapons, or all melee or all Secondaries or any combination in between. The concept I envision is more of a gun centric frame so maybe only Primary and Secondary are available for any gun.


Powers maximize weapon use and provide buffs to self and party. Possible buffs could include.

Fire Rate / Attack Speed

Ammo Efficiency

Reload Speed


Crit Chance

Status Chance


I was thinking about a power wheel similar to Wisp’s Reservoir or Titania’s Tribute to select which buff to use.


A second power could be the ability to make the next reload instant and maybe boost fire rate for a duration following the reload.


A third power could be to swap to a second set of primary, secondary and melee loadout. This would mean that the frame has a total of six weapon slots. Perhaps additional loadout sets are possible with a power wheel.


A fourth power could be to wield both weapons equipped to the Primary and Secondary slots at the same time.
If equipped weapons are dual wield, such as Twin Grakata, then extra Shiva-like arms might appear to hold them or perhaps the frame does not hold guns at all and instead they all hover around him like Xaku’s stolen arsenal.

Another possibility is to cause the currently equipped weapon to double itself so that it is now wielded in both hands. Again, if the weapons is already a dual wield weapon then another set of arms might hold the weapons or they might float or maybe just sprout from the body. The great thing about ideas is they are unlimited.


Perhaps the frame’s passive could be Ammo Efficiency or a chance that his own bullets restore his health and shields or boost his armor or damage resistance.


Visually the concept in my head is Iron Man’s War Machine meets Shiva the Hindu god of destruction.


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I like the idea. I find the idea that one of their abilities as an instant reload to be incredibly simple, yet so useful. In all honesty, (in regards to melee vs. guns) I think a big issue is actually the natural issues with having to reload and manage ammo. Especially when considering the damage pay-off and sheer ease of use with melee.

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Instant reload and ammo efficiency can often enough be the same thing. I use the ammo efficiency helminth ability enough to say that from experience. And in theory it goes like this: with 75% ammo efficiency you have 100% ammo efficiency in 3 out of 4 shots you fire, or so. Which is absolutely fantastic with weapons like Kuva Nukor Tonkor, let me tell you... it fires 4-5 rounds in rapid succession in a matter of second or two, and even one round can wipe normal SP grineer.

I like the idea of any kind of weapon master or gunplay-focused frame which would encourage us to make better use of our guns instead of being a gunslinger with exalted weapons and some tankiness and that's it (looking at you Mesa). What I would like to see though, is a frame that'd further encourage the use of non-explosive weapons a bit over explosives. Why, because right now explosives just dominate when it comes to kill-count with your non-exalted weapons.

And OP, I really like your ideas, they are innovative for sure. Perhaps I like the idea to be able to use primaries or secondaries in other slots too, the most, though the buffs ability and dual-wielding weapons ability really compete tight for my second most liked idea of yours. To be able to have two secondaries together would be quite sweet, both a damage-crit-built one and a status applicator, or the same with primaries.

And while I think that instant reload + fire rate ability is underwhelming, it's also true that it's better to have one less powerful ability to feed to the helminth. That one should be worked on though if it becomes the helminth ability, since there's already Energized Munitions which is kinda better if you have at least 100% ability duration, I think, as its base duration is 5 seconds iirc, with 75% ammo efficiency that is not affected by ability strength, so it kind of makes having that kinda skill moot, unless you buff it somehow, like giving the next 2-3 reloads instant and make the casting a "one-handed or hands-free" animation so that you can shoot and reload while casting it. Used in conjunction with energized munitions and some high-power one-bullet clip weapon like Tonkor, that thing could become absolute beast. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. ^^

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Thanks for the kind replies guys. I am always expecting flame and BS by default from the interwebs, but reading these comments actually made me smile. Thanks :)

As to your suggestions. I realize that from an apples to apples standpoint some of my suggested power are technically weaker than other abilities that may exist in game. However, I would like to point out that the constant pursuit of "better" leads to power creep and eventually every ability has to destroy the universe or it's junk. I prefer the pursuit of different to better. Also, if DE wants a suggested ability to be stronger or weaker that is their prerogative as the ultimate designer and coder of our suggestions.

Still, I appreciate your input.


Zi-of-Jinx, out of curiosity what frames did you put the ammo efficiency ability on? I was pondering it - it looks fun, but I have not made room on any builds for it.


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I put the ammo efficiency on Chroma, as it's already a weapons platformer of sorts, buffing weapon capability (damage) a lot. Though I could see it working on frames like Wisp, Octavia, Harrow and Mirage too, when you have insane fire rate buffs and then the ammo efficiency on top, slow strong weapons become more like machineguns. If only we had two helminth abilities to be fused on a single frame, it'd be quite OP to have both eclipse and ammo efficiency ability on a tanky frame.

Of course that kinda thing is not always great... like with Malice acolyte, you really don't wanna use guns I think, but melee instead. Come to think of it, Malice could be the bane of these kind of frames we've been suggesting (I too suggested a concept of a gunplay "Rambo" frame).

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Thanks Zi,

I haven't played Chroma in a very long time so maybe ill dust him off and try that combo on him. I use Dispenser on Wisp as an all-in-one area support frame, but I do like the idea of ammo efficiency on her with a weapon like Trumna, Supra Vandal or Tenora Prime just for the non-stop BRRRRRRRRT lol.


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