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Pre-TennoCon Twitch Drops Must-Do: RELINK ACCOUNTS!

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9 minutes ago, (PSN)linkle84 said:

thank you for the reminder and all that but have you guys ever thought about maybe coming up with the way so we don't have to relink our accounts every single year to do this would be less of a hassle but I still I understand thank giving people reminders for this but I just think that if you could figure out the way that you know make it where you don't have to do this every single year it would be nice

Twitch consistently changes the way drops work. It has little to do with DE

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3 minutes ago, xZaraki_KenPachix said:

why re-link ?

in February 2021 ,i think, twitched stopped support for the 1.0 drop that DE was using and force them to the new 2.0, so if you havent relinked since DE let un know about that back in February you will need to do so to get the drops.

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18 minutes ago, Polittaja said:

Do I have to Relink when I just linked my Twitch account today?

Probably not, just check with the current grab bag drop and see if it works, if it does, then you should be in the clear

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The instruction to "display your Twitch username" is to change your alias on your Warframe's account right? Because they have different display names.

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44 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:


Hello future TennoCon viewers! 

We’re here to remind you that...

RELINKING your Twitch and Warframe accounts is NECESSARY to receive this year’s TennoCon Twitch Drops. If you have not relinked since Twitch Drops 2.0 please do so now. 

Even if you have had your accounts linked for a while, the release of Twitch Drops 2.0 made it necessary to relink your accounts in order to participate in Drops.

Here’s how to relink:



Again, it is very important that even if you have had your accounts linked before Twitch Drops 2.0 that you RELINK again in order to receive the TennoCon Twitch Drops. 

Thanks! We'll see you on Saturday - for more information on TennoCon 2021 Twitch Drops head on over to the official website.

Link, re-link, pre 2.0 drops, these terms don't really mean anything to most of us. Even this pictured syandana is unhelpful as I've had it from linking ... many links ago. 

A clear demarcation could really help a lot. 

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Since I'm seeing a lot of questions - to make it ultra clear ahaha:

If you have relinked your account since the release of Twitch Drops 2.0 and have been successfully receiving drops since you do not need to relink. But it is still important for your own peace of mind to make sure the right accounts are linked etc.

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New question!

So now that I've unlink and relink even though I successfully receiving drops since Twitch Drop 2.0.... and if I failed to receive drops on Tennocon day, how?

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