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What I Feel Like When I Play Rhino With A Soma


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Was watching this movie earlier, and memories of me during Gradivus Dilemma came to me as I was watching this.


NOTE: Mildly NSFW: Violence and minor blood.















Awesomeness needs no translation.

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Why, why, WHY did I guess Commando before I clicked the link? Am I that amazing?


Well it'd either have to be Commando or Rambo... and Commando has more dakka but less other stuff than Rambo usually does. Sometimes Rambo grabs a machinegun, but I think he's more known for using other weapons (helicopter turrets, explosive arrows, knives, machetes, explosives, etc).


That 6 minute stretch in Commando, though? Pure un-adulterated dakka.


There's something about old movies that I miss. Maybe the lack of music, making it sounding more realistic.


Probably because there's less computer-generated effects, and more real weapon sounds. Back in '85, you didn't have a ton of computer generated effects so you had to get recordings of actual gunfire, either blanks or real bullets at a shooting range. And I tend to agree -- newer movies just don't sound as good. Even though they did slow down some guns because they fired too fast for you to really hear each individual shot going off. We like gunfire. That's why we watch movies like that, we like to hear the 'ratatatatatatatatatata' sound.


Oh, and dat DEagle. Some of the loudest, most deep-bass pistol fire I've ever heard in any movie.

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