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Diversified Denial on Hounds

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Diversified Denial, for those who don't know/remember what it does, is a hound precept mod obtained from the Udga Bracket that causes your robo doggo to split into 3 robot puppies for 30 seconds. The puppies cannot use any other hound precepts, but are able to use melee attacks that do 85% of the damage that the normal hound would do.

However, unlike Hard Engage, a mod for MOAs that also allows restricts them to melee combat, Diversified Denial does not take ANY of the mods on your Hound's melee weapon into account. Taking damage multipliers out of the equation, each pup will only be doing 129.2 damage per attack.

Also, the pups have almost no health. They have a full shield bar, but only a sliver of health. And once every pup is killed, the main hound reappears with half health.

Out of all the Denial abilities, this one really fell flat on its face. I'm hoping it's just due to bugs, because it would be a lot more disappointing if this is working as intended.

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