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Custom Color Rifle/pistol Reticle Ala Bf2142


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What about a "negative" reticule?

When aiming at lighter objects, it becomes darker, when aiming at darker objects, it becomes lighter.

(does this makes sense? Minecraft has it)


yes, I know what you're talking about


if anyone wants greater detail what he's talking about is when the reticule moves over and object it adjusts its colour so it can be seen easier, this may work in Warframe but we'd have to see it first

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Options are good, there will be people who like it just as it is.  Personally, I loose the reticle a lot between the bloom and the ability effects.  A semi-transparent black 5 pixel glow around the current graphic would do wonders.

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Please make a custom color shader for the shooter reticle so you can make it highlighted red-green-whatever.  In alot of the whiter snow maps its easy to loose track of where Im shooting.



Its generally as a rule in the center of your screen.

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and ofcourse ur not taking into account recoil in a busy match. its not just a simple matter of keeping it in the middle of the screen when its jumping all over the place

^^  This,  It's getting better with the little rezz dots and the hit register indicator to help anchor it but when the FoV is filled with a bunch of pulsating mobs that share common colors with the crosshairs, and knockdowns are prone to happen it still wants to swim out of view every once and again.


Edit- Also custom scope and sights mods perhaps with an "aura" type sight/scope extra  slot for all or certain weapons (crafted customization even) would be a really neat meta-feature to hype and bring zeal and interest to weapons.

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