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Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.4


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Today is the day, Tenno! TennoCon 2021 is here and is starting at 12:30 PM ET over at twitch.tv/warframe. One last hotfix here before we start the festivities and we’ll see you then.


Weapon Changes:



  • Favourited friends now move to the top of the invite screen! 

  • Updated Yareli’s Sea Snares description to include the increase of 5 water globules.



  • Fixed accounts being unable to login if they had more than 1 vendor purchases with cooldowns expiring in the same login.

  • Fixed functionality loss when clicking through Ergo Glast’s Tenet Offerings too quickly. 

  • Fixed Headshots dealing double damage if it bleeds over from Shields to Health.

  • Fixed Hounds giving only 100 Mastery per level instead of 200 Mastery per level. 

  • Fixed a Traded Sister (therefore Converted) not starting at the expecting Star Chart node. 

  • Fixed Specters/Hounds not needing to be killed if a Host migration occured at the start of a Sister showdown Railjack mission.

  • Fixed the "Eliminate the Target" objective not updating after you’ve Vanquished or Converted your Kuva Lich until you kill a Thrall.

  • Fixed receiving unsellable duplicates of Sister Ephemeras that created Inventory clutter with no way to remove.

    • In a future Hotfix Sister Ephemera duplicates will be removed from Inventories - Spring cleaning!

  • Fixed Grineer Arc Traps not dealing damage when Yareli is on Merulina.

  • Fixed Mods or Energy pickups being Vacuumed not being picked up if Yareli’s Merulina was cast at a precise moment.

  • Fixed inability to start a K-Drive race while on Yareli’s Merulina. 

  • Fixed cases of Pistol projectiles going the wrong way when fired on a K-Drive.

  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator while standing beside Volt’s Electric Shield resulting in auto picking up the Shield.

  • Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister Vanquished rewards lingering in the End of Mission screen for missions played after the successful showdown.

  • Fixed inability to Chat Link Corrupted Holokeys. 

  • Fixed the Hexis Left Arm Plate not aligning properly on Gara Prime. 

  • Fixed another case of the new Syndicate Emotes looking weird on Operators.

  • Fixed “Available Sessions” window showing Legendary Rank 1 players as MR31.

  • Fixed Hovering over a player that is Mastery Rank Legendary 1 in the Trade screen stating Mastery Rank 31.

  • Fixed Railjack Crew members playing erroneous transmissions.

  • Fixed the Falcor quick throw losing velocity when hitting anything. 

  • Fixed friendly AI not being able to use the Tenet Envoy. 

  • Fixed the Tenet Grigori’s disc not being destroyed on client. 

  • Fixed issues with Yareli’s Noggle missing some attachments. 

  • Fixed Lavos and Hildryn being able to roll Energy-based Helminth Invigorations. 

  • Fixed Venari being unable to Heal players properly. 

  • Fixed Corpus Security Nodes having too much health after a Host Migration.

  • Fixed the Railjack ‘Kill Commander’ objective not updating after being killed. 

  • Fixed the Kompressa’s disarmed model being the Stug. 

  • Fixed an issue with K-Drive stats showing red when it should in-fact show green as a positive change (Jump Charge).

  • Fixed inability to change The Arbiters of Hexis Chest Plate Energy colours.

  • Fixed certain Glyphs not tinting with player UI themes in the Squad icon menu. 

  • Fixed the opened Map disappearing quickly after opening it in Captura.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Khora’s Venari ability.

  • Fixed a script error when using the Archwing Slingshot. 

  • Fixed the Foundry trying to start or claim jobs twice even though you only pressed the button once.

  • Fixed Yareli getting knocked off Merulina even when Primed Sure Footed is equipped.


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9 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Normalized the Kuva Grattler Arch Gun stats with Heavy Weapon as intended and exposed said stats in the Arsenal:

  • Impact Damage from 100 to 50

  • Area-of-effect Damage from 205 to 155

Thanks for the grattler change. Nevermind its a nerf.... Hope ground archguns get some galvanized love at some point.

Looking forward to Tennocon :community:

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we need a solution for this  unknown.png

Getting only 3.7 percent elemental damage buff at the end of nearly one hour is feeling painfull , and we are constantly getting low percentages (25-35percent) so pleaase put some buff to this cause there are lots of weapon to max out and this cycle is kinda bringing a burnout to the players . 
And please put a quest for Kuva Liches as well

Some old corpus tilesets has sometimes got the wrong light effects on doors unknown.png

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Still existing issues:
-Athodai can not equip Secondary Deadhead

-Tenet Flux rifle unable to equip rifle skins (Oscira, Soaktron etc.) (Tenet Flux rifle does not fire continuous laser like its normal variant, instead has hitscan projectiles and is eligible for those weapon skins)

-Tenet Spirex unable to equip ANY of the secondary weapon skins

-Converted sisters (On Call Crew) have severe animation issues, T-posing and not attacking enemies with the new unique "briefcase weapons" (somewhat works with other "old" tenet weapons like Cycron or Arca Plasmor)

-Converted sisters have heavily misaligned faces (expanded nose, brow and chin) when they are in their offensive stance

-Requiem Ultimatum not working properly, consuming the item in process, but not spawning Lich/SOP

-Kuva Hek unable to equip Scattered Justice mod

-Stagger type procs like heat or electricity prevents usage of Parazon-mercy kill (on the standard enemy such as Eximus Lancer that is eligible for mercy kill) until the effect of proc stops


Also, could you perhaps rethink the Command Intrinsic rank 10? Paying four million credits and lots of resources for one crewmate with slightly enhanced stats does not seem very much worth the wait. Perhaps implement the liches / sisters more? Like giving the "On Call Crew" item an enhancement to either last longer, have lower cooldown, or even both? The quirks and everything are really pointless for converted ones, since they do not say even a single line of their ..."monologue" when they are around.

Alt fire of certain weapons are quite annoying in certain scenarios and cant be disabled. This is most significant with weapons like Tenet Diplos, when one just wants to use "aimed/scoped" fire for more accuracy, and this lock-on thing kicks in unwantedly, this mechanic should instead work the same way that Sepulcrum works. Same thing for the guided projectile of Tenet Envoy. Same thing for Kuva Quartakk, aimed mode switches fire (same for quatz).
I propose that these alt fire type modes are instead optional and are toggled ON/OFF with respective "alt fire button" for better consistency. All weapons that switches fire mode entirely should be on toggle (Stradavar Prime, Argonak, Tiberon Prime, Hind, Zarr and other weapons as such are perfect examples of how it should work). Alt fire of weapons that does not directly affect the primary fire firing mechanism and are used instantly are also fine as is (such as instant burst functions of Pandero, Kuva Kraken, Kuva Detron, or detonations of projectiles like Bramma, Talons, Kulstar, etc.)

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed receiving unsellable duplicates of Sister Ephemeras that created Inventory clutter with no way to remove.

  • In a future Hotfix Sister Ephemera duplicates will be removed from Inventories - Spring cleaning!

Mind fixing the Foxglove Syandanas too ? It's been like this for years now ...


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