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Npc Ideas


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Hi after livestream Des said that therell be new npcs like new faction of unarmed colonies. 


So i thought why not to make them avialable in dojo. 


Dojo is pretty empty if you ask me . those NPCs can wonder around or try to work or something.


In small rooms 1 or 2 and in others more. we can even make them as a decoration to put them wherewer you want.


so waht you think?

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Let's face the reality, guys: people inside the Dojo are both useless and unsuitable. :(

Why? Because people in the Dojo ARE actually the players themselves.

With that, I mean real human/Tenno NPCs walking around, don't get me wrong.

Of course having some rooms or control panels from which we can - for instance - get in call with Darvo for supplies, with Lotus for orders... that would be cool, yeah. Holograms, maybe? They work very well within the Mastery Rank tests.

Ah, to bring some life to the Dojo, I'd recommend to populate it with some utility sentinels or drones; plus adding the sentinel 'nursery', which has been suggested by someone already.

Does anyone remember Glyph from Mass Effect? Something like that.

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