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Honestly, I have no idea which section this goes to, so read on:


There should be an option to change the filetype of future screenshots. I screenshot HEAPS (like, every phase of every animation that I like - easier than video recording), and the current .bmp format just uses too much HDD space.


In particular, I'd like to choose the .jpg option.

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If you download fraps, you can choose to take screenshots as .jpgs. I think you can do that with the free version.

....another one of my facepalm moments.

I have overwolf, and I could've used its screenshot feature instead of in-game (though it shows a watermark).Overwolf screenshots black screen.


Oh well, my suggestion still holds.

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Necro +1 because bmp is way too huge and I can't upload it different places because of filesize limits. I have to manually change it with an image editor, and that's another pain on top of a repository of unnecessarily huge files.


I can't use fraps or any other third party tool because Warframe's in-game feature removes the HUD.

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