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1 minute ago, LSG501 said:

Got in, got my drop, then it basically booted me out due to loss of connection which was not my end.

I already have loki prime so not overly concerned on that luckily but I would like the free stuff from in game, even though I don't like the fact I need to run the game and twitch at the same time (commented as much in the thread announcing stuff)....maybe that wasn't the best idea after all.

Same, they'll put out the drops one way or another..

It's just, I booked this day off to enjoy WF and Tennocon...and the Live relay!

That was so cool last year!!

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Just now, (XBOX)SuperFrapp said:

The game is STILL down but some can play now .... WTF??!!! 

Don't worry, I got in, did a relic, couldn't select the reward, got booted to desktop when it eventually started to load the orbiter.  Servers are slowly coming up, but the game isn't really playable.

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