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Site & Server Access Issues

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So, to get the gunblade: 1) your accounts have to be linked, 2) you have to claim the drop in Twitch. Click on your account icon in the upper right in the browser, it'll show progress to the drop too. Click through to claim. 3) You should be good. If you miss step 2, you won't get the thing.

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3 minutes ago, eboomer said:

I got the gunblade, but suddenly I can't load any enemies in the Simulacrum to test it D:  Every enemy says "Fully Scan to Unlock".

"Welcome to tennocon 2.0 Bug"

Everything's Under Control by xx2 - Meme Center

Don't worry Everything is under control - Drowning thumbs up | Meme  Generator

that is basically it.


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15 minutes ago, (XBOX)DARKGMM said:

Same, they'll put out the drops one way or another..

It's just, I booked this day off to enjoy WF and Tennocon...and the Live relay!

That was so cool last year!!

I literally looked at the relay for all of 1minute last year as I was on the same machine watching twitch....  I wasn't firing up another machine/device just to have it sitting doing nothing the entire time, it will be EXACTLY the same this year for me. 


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1 hour ago, [DE]Dudley said:

Hello Tenno,

We are experiencing some issues with our website and game servers due to the high volume of traffic during Tennocon. We are working on resolving this issue and will update this thread once we have more information to share.

Thank you and we hope you are enjoying TennoCon 2021!

Update 1:

We are still working on it Tenno, please sit tight.

thank you for keeping us updated, seems to be working again now

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Have been saying for 2 months that the servers have been dying. My fiancee & I in same house, friend in Portugal too, have all been getting kicked randomly during missions, from the arsenal, foundry, mod screen, trading, "Error: You will be logged out and returned to the login screen." For 2 months... we've all done the checks on our local modems, routers, GPUs, CPUs, ISPs, done the changes to gameplay settings in game, no difference. Then this happens today? Hmm... wonder if there's a correlation. Naaaaah.

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I have tried to enter my account and unfortunately it has not
allowed me to enter, it tells me that I am putting the data 
wrong when it is not. I got to the point of resetting the 
password and even then it keeps saying the same thing, could 
you assure me of a solution?
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