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Site & Server Access Issues

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3 minutes ago, Skaleek said:

If we all just keep trying to login at the same time it will definitely clear the block in the pipes.

Don`t forget to retry every 5 seconds

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8 minutes ago, [DE]Dudley said:

Hello Tenno,

We are experiencing some issues with our website and game servers due to the high volume of traffic during Tennocon. We are working on resolving this issue and will update this thread once we have more information to share.

Thank you and we hope you are enjoying TennoCon 2021!

Withdrawel symptoms have well and truly kicked in Tenno,i dont know if i can make it,please be hastily and save me but be careful,its dangerous out there.

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tbh, its sad that they hadn't prepared for this. They been working on TennoCon 2021 for a while. Looks like the only thing that they have prepared for is a twitch stream. Hoping that twitch stream doesn't break down.

What were they expecting 300 players Vs 300K players?




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Warframe launcher update not starting/working properly.

And.. sadly I cannot manage to buy the tennocon ticket - or don't know if it worked or not.

Hop you can fix both.

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Swazdo-Lah Fellow Tennos!

So, i was in the TennoCon Relay wile watching the Stream, i started getting "Network not Responding" messages then when i tried returning to my Orbiter i got disconnected and am unable to login again. I know at least a half a dozen people having the same problem.

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