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10 minutes ago, CrazyBooDawg said:

Let's hope it get back up before the end so we can get the armor.

They will just gift the armor set to everyone. I worry about the live event in Tennocon relay.

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5 minutes ago, (XBOX)Tucker D Dawg said:

I'll do better than that - and try to login from 3 different consoles at same time. :)

Now we're cooking with gas.

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10 minutes ago, Melanholic7 said:

awesome...small indie company =/ cmon. 

They are not a indie company anymore.


2 minutes ago, LillyRaccune said:

Don't worry. I'm sure that they will give everyone the rewards. Something similar happened last year too.

True the issue is DE says you eeded to be in the game in the last week.  People like me are on vacation so havent been logging in. So we will be screwed.  I made sure I was able to get into the relay today but with this I will not have a chance.  Many people have been taking breaks since the grind is real with the SOP and people like me have waited until they actually fix their stuff instead of working on Tennocon.

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