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      *Take care of reading through the instructions before sending in your Support ticket. An organized and detailed ticket will better help the agent answer and fulfill your request.* 
      "I accidentally purchased the same item twice."
      Before sending in a support ticket please choose which item you would like to keep and start using it! Support tries to have as little impact on your play time as possible; we're able to see which of the two items you aren't using and remove it from your inventory (even while you're logged in). 

      Please note: We will not perform refunds on items that have been used - Leveled items or items with any Affinity are not eligible for refunds. 

      "I accidentally purchased an item and would like a refund" 
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      "I started building something in the Foundry that I didn't mean to."
      If the item is finished, please do not claim it. We cannot refund foundry items once they are claimed by the player. Unclaimed items will have the full construction costs refunded.

      "I purchased a skin, but I can't find it."
      Before sending in a support ticket, go to your Arsenal and browse for the purchased skin. You can search for and equip skins by clicking on the Appearance tab next to the item you want to customize.  If you experience difficulties, contact Support and we can verify that you have the item and further assist you with equipping it. 

      "I dissolved a mod by accident!"
      Should you find you are missing any specific mod, please provide us with the name, rank, and the day you last saw the mod in your inventory.
      "I accidentally used a Forma on an item!"
      If you accidentally polarized your item, please file a support ticket immediately and refrain from using the item in question until we get back to you.

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      We kindly ask you repeat any events/missions if they are still available. Please keep in mind that we are unable to advance you towards the next step/level of the event (if there is one) and cannot change any end of mission scores. If you are still missing rewards after repeating, please wait until after the event has ended and the rewards have been given out. Once the event has concluded contact Support as soon as possible. 

      Since certain events have immediate rewards while others do not, please check our website / Forums / social media for any announcements about the distribution of event rewards.

      "My game crashed during a mission” or “My game was unable to update the account information and the progress was not saved.”
      Depending on the mission you played, try to re-join the session to receive your rewards. Please note that only the end of mission rewards (5 minute / round rewards) are recoverable. Pickups from the mission itself cannot be recovered by the support team.  If you are crashing or experiencing errors regularly, please create a support ticket in the most appropriate technical category so we can do our best to help you solve any networking / system problems you are experiencing. If possible, please also send your EE.log in a ticket immediately after the incident. EE.logs can be found in /%localappdata%/Warframe on your PC. 

      “I want to change my email address / delete my account”
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What Are Good Mods For Trinity?


I haven't been on in some weeks, but upon return my greatest question was what would be some great mods for Trinity. I've read some recent patch notes and noticed some of the new changes to her skills. This is my current set up.



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Narrow Minded, Constitution, Continuity and Aura Helmet. Enjoy 28s Blessing.


28 second invulnerability is possible..?

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Steel Fiber is not viable for Trinity since she only has 10 armor. Here are a few suggestions I have:


- Focus: Makes Energy Vampire's pulses give more energy. Very useful in fast paced situations since enemies can get killed easily.


- Stretch: Make Link and Energy Vampire's pulse go further. For the former, it's for yourself (good as a form of enemy radar in a way), while the latter will benefit team gameplay if your squad mates move around a lot.


- Constitution: Makes Blessing and Link last much longer. Will make Energy Vampire's pulse interval longer though, which is a downside.


- Fleeting Expertise: Corrupted mod that gives you Power Efficiency in exchange for duration. If you max it with a rank 1 Streamline, your Blessing will only cost 25 energy to cast. It will still last a decent amount of time even with the negative stats of the mod. You will have to cast Blessing/Link more, but you will never run out of Energy (the shorter power duration will make Energy Vampire's pulse very fast too, giving you energy back faster).


- Narrow Minded: Corrupted mod that gives you power duration in exchange of power range. Will make Energy Vampire quite obsolete due to the reduced range (especially without Stretch), but your Blessing and Link will last very long (Link will also suffer since the link cords will be shorter, making your Link "not working" half the time).

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anything else you want.


nothing like god mode trin to save the day.

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Decide whether you want to build around duration or energy vampire



If you're going for duration, get constitution, continuity, Narrow Minded and maybe the Aura Helmet if you don't mind sacrificing looks for 2.5 seconds extra invulnerability


For EV types, Focus and Stretch can come in handy. Well of Life is optional if noobs keep killing your EV targets. Don't use duration mods for EV. With EV, you have more than enough energy to cast as much Blessing and Link as you like anyway.


Consider swapping out that Vitality for either Vigor or Narrow Minded if you're the duration type


And get rid of that Steel Fiber

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