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Aborting Mission & Loot



I've been doing a lot of Hek runs for Neurodes, and I was trying to cut down on my time. I wasn't coptering because I was too lazy to do so, so I was running with my Rhino+Vanguard+Rush speedbuild, and destroying Hek with my Soma.


But, I've been looking to be more efficient by just aborting the mission as soon as I get the loot from Hek. So, will I lose my loot (mods & resources) that I got while I was running the mission if I abort?

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well one method my friend used was really $&*^y, he just joined others and killed hek, AFK'd at the underground room in the boss arena and went to do other stuff, letting his teammates complete the mission and hate him. perhaps inefficient depending on your team but you spend less physical time lol.

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