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TENNOCON 2021: Tannukai Armor and Sword Skin drops

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I was waiting for this announcement 😄
Thank you very much for this information!

Also I just wanted to say that - Server issues aside - this years Tennocon was near perfect for me!
Great reveals, amazing Community Art, huuuge surprises, fun & interesting Dev-Talk. Thank you all at DE for keeping it up, even after all those years.

I cannot wait for more time with "Khal of Duty", sending out Robots as a Corpus (why do the little lovely robo-chickens have to explode ;A;) & slashing/slicing enemies as Teshin with his breathtaking dual-nikana-skills! 
Just...well done.

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Thank you very much.

It was a bit lonely:



And what about the demo/preview rooms?
Are those going to be rerun?
They looked really cool on stream.

Edit: nvm, found the rerun thread:

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Received the Tannukai Armor Set and Longsword Skin a few minutes ago. Thank you Warframe and DE. 

What about the issue with the twitch drop of Loki Prime. I had twitch open on pc and ps4. I even tried refreshing the screen on pc but the drops/inventory screen kept saying 0% of 30 minutes. 

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Momaw said:

Did you tune in to join us on Tennolive 2021?  We hope you enjoyed the first live previews of The New War and the future conflict to come.

During the stream we had hoped to host an interactive experience where we set up a Relay and share a series of scenes with you, running on your own platform in real time. As a gift for participating, everybody who joined the relay during the live experience would receive the Tannukai Armor and Tannukai Sword skin.

Unfortunately... We ran into serious network problems due to the overwhelming number of enthusiastic Tenno that were trying to join in the fun. These problems could not be remedied in the very short time frame that we had available. We are not confident that everybody was able to see the interactive demo or that they have gotten the gift we wanted to give.

Because of that uncertainty we will send the Tannukai items via Inbox message to anybody that logged into the game during that day (July 17th)!  We apologize for the disappointment, for those who were not able to see the live relay experience.

We will begin this soon for all platforms. This post will be updated when the script has completed. Please wait for completion before raising concerns about not getting your gift.


This need to be done for the gunblade as well.

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The skin and armor are good, i liked them when i saw them. Missing the presentation was a bad, but i understand. If it surprised you, and surely were expecting a high influx of players it must have be something :)

Thanks for the TennoCon, the reveals and the work and dedication you put on this awesome game :D

Will wait for the skins when they are available, don't worry and get your deserved rest :)

Thanks :D

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Still waiting to hear about the gunblade, Twitch keeps giving me the ERROR #1000 every 2 minutes and lists the gunblade as UNABLE TO OBTAIN even though I WATCHED THE WHOLE FLIPPING STREAM FROM START TO FINISH, even though I had to restart the stream every time I got an error.

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