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Vectis Mod Comparison.


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I not 100% sure where to put this so feel free to move if its in the wrong place D=.


I was curious on how the Vecits was affected by Speed Trigger and Fast Hands so I've put together a (short) Video of using Both Mods maxed out and then comparing them with no mods.

I didn't do one with both mods as I don't have enough points yet to do so :




(If anyone knows how to embed rather then link that would be great >_>)


What I did notice with the mods is that 

Fast Hands Speed up Reload

Speed Trigger shortens the time it takes for the reload to start.


Just an observation.


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lol wow i was just about to make a topic about this. I like to think that speed trigger speeds up the "firing animation". And since it only has a one shot clip speeding up the firing animation makes you hit the reload animation faster.


I do have to say that just comparing speed trigger to fast hands there isn't much difference. When i tested it I used Shred in addition to speed trigger so its a bigger difference


Heres a quick vid i cropped up with my testing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWDxcghE7FQ


This has been changed since the 10.7 update: The update removed a .25 sec wait before the reloading occurred, after this change I find it shoots at a great rate with no firing speed/reload speed mods. These mods still work, so if you wanna shoot as fast as possible put firerate and reload speed on.

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