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Survival Mission Rewards Bug


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Screenshot for reference:




Last night we did a Tower 2 Survival.  We lasted for about 30+ minutes and were supposed to receive the following:





Forma Blueprint

Mag Prime Chassis



Needless to say we were estatic.  We were planning to farm only until about 15minutes, however every 5 minutes was a godly reward, so we pushed ourselves.  We got the Forma as the reward 3 times in a row.  Unheard of - and apparently it still is.


After the mission, we actually recieved only 1 Forma instead of the 3.  The game must have bugged out when announcing what we received (even the rewards screen must have been bugged - see screenshot above)


Not too upset or anything because it was a helluva fight and a lot of fun making it past 30min, but I wanted to post an FYI

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I'm experiencing another issue.

I want to find capture lvl 2 void keys, so i tried tier 2 enemies (lvl 25-45) something like... 10 times, but at 15 minutes instead of a level 2 orokin key i received every time a lvl 1 key.

I tried this on many different maps:

Sedna Selkie Grineer 25 - 45


Sedna Berehynia Grineer 30 - 50


Saturn Cassini Grineer 15 - 30


but i get a lvl 1 key every time, let me know if you need screenshots.

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