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Elemental Damage, Card Un/Linking (new mod tech)?


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Will we ever be able to more specifically link or unlink elemental combinations? Right now it works from left to right, top row to bottom row. This means the decisions we make about how we use our forma are very important, because they will determine how we can combine elemental damage types.

Because Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos have serious weaknesses to certain elements, the previous ways we built our weapons aren't always suitable. For example, Chilling Grasp is kind of hard to fit into most weapons unless you build with it in mind, since none of the other elemental cards of that level use the same polarity. This can be annoying when they have a weakness to cold, since as a player, we've been building almost everything for viral, slash or corrosive damage because that's been superior for so long, and these mini-boss characters throw all of that out of the window by having unique damage resistance behaviour.

See some pictures:

1. This combo creates gas and magnetic along the bottom row, it's the default behaviour.



2. But in this case we can use a feature, option, or item to combine the elements differently - This new combination would technically give us electricity, blast, and toxin. This might be achieved by applying something to the mod cards themselves, to create a new kind of 'non-linking' elemental damage card.



3. Or maybe we can use some new item or system on the weapon to change how mod slots interact, so that they don't have to be in order. This could potentially provide bonuses to each card, making them like set cards without actually needing to be part of a set.



4. We might even take this further by trying to link mod slots on weapons across to slots on warframes and companions. If there is a confirmed link to the same slot between the frame and the weapon, then some kind of bonus is granted.

For example: The player puts a mod card on a weapon that does toxin damage, which is linked to a mod slot on your Warframe containing a card that provides health or armour - this gives a new effect like dmg resistance to that element per kill, or kills using that element heal you for a percentage of the damage done.

There would be lots of opportunities here to experiment and find new effects.

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17 hours ago, DeckChairVonBananaCamel said:

I know it's not quite the same, but you can at least move forma'd slots around for free.

😲 OMG I can't believe I managed to miss this feature for so long. It was there the whole time.

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This is a concept I've had before too.

Adding to this, putting in pseudo-slots for Weapon Innate element and separately Kuva/Tenet Bonus Element would give us a lot better freedom from those annoying fringe cases where we have to slot in extra elemental mods of the weapon's innate/bonus element to force the combinations to work with those the way we want.


I have my doubts that DE want to be generous with letting us selectively link duplicate elements though, e.g. having 1 Cold mod + 2 Toxin mods + 1 Electric mod, and allowing the player to pull apart the Toxins to make both Viral and Corrosive from their mods alone. That sort of luxury they'd probably want to keep exclusive to playing around innate and bonus elements.

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