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Railjack abilities being cast from a warframe's energy is a direct nerf to non-caster warframes.


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10 minutes ago, OwlOfJune said:

Honestly just remove that part entirely and replace it with Lavos's cooldown system.

This is probably the best way to "balance" it, even if I don't really like CDs.

I mean they ostensibly did the energy tied to your frames energy for two reasons:
First to balance it (and this is immediately shattered by Hildryn and Lavos being able to spam without concern).
Second to make it so that if you go into someone elses poorly equipped/modded railjack you can still use abilities.

And honestly?  Just making each ability a CD ability instead of tied to frame energy would solve both concerns in one swoop.
Further its not like we don't have a ton of CD abilities in RJ already (everything outside of the battle avionics, such as cloak, healing, breach pause, fire extinguish, etc) so it would just fit right in honestly.

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I agree. The energy for the ship should not be tied to the pilot - this is correct and logical! DE destroyed another good interaction of the team's with the ship. This is wrong! The game is getting boring...

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Hey guys :] glad you brought this topic back up ! I hate the railjack energy change .. it's just another inconsistent part in warframe ... 

-Archwings don't use the warframes energy pool

-Necramechs do it neither 

-It just forces the meta of hildryn/lavos/dispensory/zenurik

If I want to use a spy mission I can pick a stealth frame .. what do I pick if I want to play a survival railjack mission ? A survival frame? Well then I have a Handicap for the RJ part .. 

Solution: bring back flux energy(but make it separated pools), make it regenerate per second through the reactor speccs. They have a recharge rate per second and a max RJ energy pool value. Those values can be differently weighted by the manifacturers. Let the engineer/Crew choose between boosting the recharge rate or craft a fixed amount while stopping the recharge rate for a certain time.

Could you guys manage with these changes ? I would love it this way and it would bring back the fun in RJ missions for me .. cause they do give quite a lot of endo ....

Currently I'm farming the holo keys first so I can have the 320 holo keys with that I don't have to play that game Mode ever again cause it is just that annoying to me .. and I like doing the Bad chores first ... 🤔

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