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Host Migration Bugs In Regular (Non-Void/derelict) Survival Missions


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Every time a host bails on a regular survival mission, all progress (drops, rewards, gear exp, & stats) up to the point of the migration is completely deleted. In addition, all active buffs are reset and your energy pool resets to 50 as if you just entered the mission for the first time. However, everything earned after the migration is retained.


This is a huge issue and must be fixed ASAP.

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Also, you shouldn't be able to die during migration. I was traveling through a survival mission when the host migration started, just as I passed through a huge cluster of enemy units. Due to that I wasn't moving, I quickly died during the "Waiting for players.." screen, which should not be possible. Rather it just lets you continue and when that is done, the game should initiate you at the location you traveled to, with the buffs and energy you had.

A way to solve the host migration issue, may be that all players but the host get the mods, ammo and energy drops within a certain range around them, if the reason for this happening is some sort of security issue with the migration of items.

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Also, when it happens after the extraction you loose everything: drops, XP, mods....everything.


The screen just remain stuck on "waiting for players" black screen(after extraction????) and you can do nothing but quit the game.


It's very, very, very annoying losing everything after a 30+ minutes survival!

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