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Clem! I want clem.

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The trailer's gameplay was showcase about 3 factions Grinner/Corpus/Dex. Kahl is still part of Grinner which matches the story nicely. I don't think Clem has connection with grinner anymore. It would be weird see him fighting in the front line with other grinners.

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47 minutes ago, Pinegulf said:

Kahl 175 my !"#"!# Where Clem?!? All the years of loyal service and not a moment of glory in sight. :(½!

Clem isn't a Grineer anymore though, he's one of us. 

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26 minutes ago, Tesseract7777 said:

That was a really bad typo on my part, I blame myself using a phone, having just woken up, and being stoned. 

All good my son. Clem forgives.

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If nothing else maybe we could turn the weekly Clem Survival mission into a mission where we PLAY as Clem instead?

Like have our Tenno be doing the looting off-screen and have us control Clem making a distraction instead.

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Clem is out. Kahl-175 is in:

Virgin Clem:

- super dense, can only say his name

- needs two grakatas, can't hit anything.

- no melee weapon

- sidekick to Darvo, who himself is a side character at best.

- turncoat defector who doesn't fight for the queens, can't be trusted.

MEGACHAD Kahl-175:

- smart enough to form coherent sentences with basic words.

- needs only one grakata to bring the lead rain. can also pick up Tenno weapons like a boss.

-  has big sharp machete for cleaving Sentient worms in two.

- dominated all of TennoCon, even earned respect from Vay Hek.

- loyal to his last breath, he will die for his brothers, even tried to do it.

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As much as I love clem... as a defector he wouldn't be stationed at the plains under the command of vey hek. Besides, kahl turned out to be a total Chad. What's bad about having two grineer with balls heavier than a planet?

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