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Gamewide audio cuts


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I'm noticing it a lot with the sister dialogue at the end of missions, however all NPC dialogue is getting cut short for any in-mission broadcast/chatter. Especially notable on longer dialogues, but even short ones are cut short in some cases. Seems to only be relevant to new dialogue, not old dialogue in most instances. (Particularly any dialogue introduced in Sisters of Parvos, though I seem to recall seeing some audio issue during Sevagoth's mission as well.)

Sister line I'm getting:

"I will always have enough." line in post-mission, the line cuts out at the second half during the "also" in: "I also..." (and reads on-screen as "will have enough because I'm taking your credits" or something). (In case it's a duration thing. I assume it might have to do with another audio cancelling it early since the end-mission audio starts about then.)


Cutscenes on PS4 like the release of Sisters of Parvos, entire dialogue has no audio. Parvos was speaking, but no audio other than the music was played. I assumed it may have had something to do with my settings. (Many are often off due to streaming and mic reading issues. That may be user-error with understanding what audio affects what. Please clarify which settings are tied to what, because I can assume, but I appear to be wrong in many of those assumptions.)

These may be separate issues or problems with settings I have.

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