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Best Tenet weapons for converted sister/spector

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I was wanting to know if you wanted to convert a sister which one has the best damage and use case for Ai to use. I know the Ai can't really use alt fire weapons so all of those are thrown out. And I know that precision weapons will never land headshots because the Ai is horrible so basically the best body shot weapon unmodded because the liches don't use mods on their weapons they scale with their level. For liches it was originally the kuva bramma I was thinking the tenet envoy but tenet arca plasmor has higher base damage and envoy has slower firing rockets but I guess laser guided is good cause they have quick snap aim to targets so if they fire and the enemy dies then remaining rockets would fly to the new snap aim target the Ai has chosen... 

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I imagine you can test this by equipping the weapons to your existing Syndicate crew and watching how they perform against Veil Proxima boarders.

Arca Plasmor and Envoy seem like the best options. Cycron can chain, so it's not bad. Tetra with the ricochet augment might be good, especially in close quarters. Flux Rifle, Diplos, and Spirex, being single-target guns, are probably not good. Detron is slightly less of a single-target gun, since it's technically a shotgun, but I'd still put it on the low tier.

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I like the Plasmor on my sisters, simply cause the thing will clear an entire room! very good on your own railjack when solo... Funnily enough until I was chasing after a sister to convert, The plasmor candidate was spawning like crazy, like I was only seeing a different weapon only once for every five or so plasmor candidates.... BUT yea as you guessed it, when I wanted to convert a sister with a plasmor... the ratio spun around, I think I took out something like 30 candidates before finding one with a plamor! 🤣

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I don't even play with damage floaters turned on, so I fail at min/max.

I've seen a couple people say that specters/On Call Crew aren't compatible with the new Galvanized mods or Arcanes.  You'll want to make an "NPC Assist" build that doesn't depend on those.

I don't know if the AI uses "Aim" mode at all, which might be an issue for the Envoy - instead of rapid firing homing rockets, they might just be snap-firing non-guided rockets.  You'd want to test that, maybe using an On Call Crew.  Since they're reusable after a cooldown and don't cost resources or have the hassel of setting a new "loadout template" if it turns out not to work.  Wukong's "Wu-clone" might also work for testing, since it's basically a specter you can summon as often as you want.  You can even test multiple weapons in the same mission by forcing him to switch from Primary to Secondary, or to Melee.

My very limited experience is that NPC helpers do very well with beam weapons and hitscan weapons.  For anything with projectile travel time, they're not going to lead their targets.  They also won't hold back if Radiation procs are involved, so be aware you could get vaporised by your own "pet" if that comes up.  They *will* fire through you with things like an Arca Plasmor.

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