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Stuck Trying to do K-Drive Tricks



Trying to complete Waverider and I'm stuck on the 50 point Frontside Clutch trick in the second listing.  I can get off the ground and do the clutch, but then I always crash into the ground at the end and lose the trick, so I'm not getting anywhere, and I'm really starting to get frustrated.  What am I doing wrong?  How do I "stick the landing" which is where I seem to struggle?  How do I avoid accidentally pressing "E" and jumping off my K-Drive in mid-air?  Am I just doomed to have this quest unfinished because I can't "git gud" and haven't gotten enough standing to buy parts and build a K-Drive that can be modded?

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2 minutes ago, Galoain said:

That was badly phrased, I'm sorry.  What I meant was "How do I overcome my muscle memory that causes me to press E on instinct, which causes me to jump off my k-drive at the wrong time?"

You could unbind your melee key if you really need to

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