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Is Steel Essence Farming Really A Thing?



I have read the links below twice and Steel Essence only drops from Eidolons, Acolytes and the 5 daily alerts.  Eximus units now drop Riven Slivers.  In Recruit Chat I see people putting together teams w Nekros, Hydroid, and Khora doing dark sector survival talking about how many enemies spawn in these missions and I don't see the relevance.  Isn't the only way to farm the Steel Essence is to farm the Acolytes?  I assume they return every 5 minutes or so in endless missions?  I also can't find anything that says Loot Frames have any impact on Steel Essence drops as it only says Resource 2x Booster and Smeeta Charm have any impact.  Is there some other documentation I am missing that details that enemies can drop Steel Essence?  I would love to do more than just the daily alerts.  Thanks




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Acoloytes show up every 5 minutes,  give or take,  but that timing isn't exact and it's influencde by how fast you kill. Higher enemy densities do result in slightly faster acolyte spawns.  



Loot frames have no impact on Steel Essence drops since Acolytes don't die when defeated and loot frames work on or after death.  

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