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More way to use our converted Lich/Sister


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Right now we can trade, or use them as crew. You will have a hard time to trade the lich if it has unpopular weapon or low percentage, and the crew...it exist. I just want to make use of them to reduce our grind. It based on the idea of the more you grind the easier the grind.

1. [PH]Infiltrate mission:

    Take [PH]30 mins.

    Send our lich back to their fraction and infiltrate their arsenal. So the next larva will spawn the weapon of our choosing with guaranteed 43%+ percentage, elements still depend on the warframe.

    Effect will reset on larva down (not kill). So if you want a better percentage you need to sent your lich again.

    Anger meter become alert meter, works the same way with the possibly of your lich getting busted.

    Upon busted, your lich dies, and the larva will spawn with your lich's weapon with guaranteed 50%+, elements still depend on the warframe. Also double chance of ephemera.

    Effect will reset on larva down.


2. [PH]Challenge mission:

    Take 10 mins

    Send our lich to challenge our current Lich, out come depends on their respective weakness and resistance or guns if you want to get complicated. 

    If win, current lich is killed, but we don't get anything. Our lich is back with possible permanent health damage. If health damage > remaining health, our lich dies.

    If tie, current lich level up +2, but we get all the words with their respective order. Our lich get guaranteed permanent health damage. If health damage > remaining health, our lich dies.

    If lose, current lich level 5, we get no words but always fuming, and get another change to roll ephemera. Our lich dies.


The purpose is make it easier but not too easy.


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