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[WARFRAME CONCEPT] Azuyo: The Space Energy Manipulator


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Hii Guys im working on a New Warframe,this project started by me on this year.

Lore:Azuyo is a Warframe that is eternally  hiding in a unknown place on the Void ,it s an inteligent warframe that have feelings and is alive ,The Creator of Azuyo  made the Warframe on secret by himself nobody knows about his creation,he feel that if he try to say that he is making Azuyo ,they will steal his work and kill him,Azuyo is sleeping eternally on the void secret's place before the Old War happens.

Quest: The Corpus find a Rare Map of where the Warframe is hiding on the void ,The warframe is stuck inside of a golden lock  and the corpus try to open it on the Void but they cannot open the Golden lock with all the instruments that they have so they move to venus and retry again to open it but there's no way that the golden lock can open they tried everything. when you get to see the golden lock ,it start flashing with bright white color light and then it start getting open by the cause of the Operator being the key to open it,the Golde Lock opens the door and Azuyo starts awakening and fight with rage with everybody confused and escape  flying to space but this time you have to go back to the Void because the connection between the operator and Azuyo is too strong,this time you try to catch him with traps and scanning him,when you finished catching him on the quest the BP will be yours.

Azuyo is an Warframe that have power to control Gravity and Space with energy power and he is very Wild and Protect his Operator, and have some sense when the Duviri Dragon is close;Azuyo is made with other warframes parts as Excalibur Systems,Mag systems these parts are needed to make complete the Azuyo systems bp 

the Azuyo neuroptics bp need Hexenon and Zephyr neuroptics bp

The Azuyo chassis need Chroma chassis and Zephyr chassis bp

Passive: when you fly without archwing you can shoot from the two black holes some kind of energy  power and can use it like explosive plasma bullets like an acceltra


1:he manipulate space to make discs with energy power that cuts enemy and follows you

2:he throw explosive energy that follows enemy

3:flying...he can make finishers with 4 activated 

4:he make energy and make his tail like chainsaw with energy and goes melee and cut aparts enemy



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