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Please do something about Sentinels survivability.....


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Metal Fiber, Calculated Redirection, Enhanced Vitality, Primed Regen ...... and even with these mods, sentinels die in seconds, there isn't even a point in using Primed Regen.

Introduce Link mods to Sentinels, allow frame healing abilities to heal Sentinels, please, something......

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5 minutes ago, ZarTham said:

Which mods?


Deploys a Repair Dispensary that lasts for the modded duration of the ability, on cast immediately triggering the cooldown countdown timer displayed beside her shield and health indicators on the HUD. When a player with a dead companion enters the revive radius, their companion respawns beside them at full hitpoints.

Granted it is Helminth ability that can be applied on any frame, but you don't just slap it to everything.

This bandaid requires a slot in skill set and mod space. 



Revives a fallen companion after completing 3 Mercy kills within a 40s.

This is Parazon mod but since it requires 3 constructive Mercy kils the chance of using it in most content is very low.


Honestly they just need to make Regen mods infinite revive but with cooldown like Djinn's Reawaken and balance all the sentinels' health/armor.





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