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I can't invite people anymore


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Hey there.

First off when my invites started failing, I was trying to invite one of my clan-mates into my squad while being in the TennoCon 2021 relay but it failed sadly (way before it hit the 5:00 et mark).
After TennoCon.. my invites don't even work anymore.
Today I was trying to do trade with a random player and it just goes (players name) 'failed to join your session' and they even said I was offline!
I don't know what to do except make this forum post.

Please fix this and thank you so much.


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I was having the same problem yesterday.  Trying to trade and most invites were coming back as user appears to be offline even though we were chatting with each other.  I told them to invite me and when I accepted their invite it said something like "failed to join, host not found".  Another thing to note is that when I went back to playing, since I couldn't trade, I was not having any problems with matchmaking or finding squads.

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