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Technocyte Frame


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My apologies in advance for not coming up with a good name, but it's just a concept. I have noticed a large number of frame ideas centered around vampirism and infestation. Here's my best shot at making a suitable (The puns!) hybrid.


Thematically, she is considered a bit crazy due to her use of the technocyte virus, which renders her unable to use energy or shields. She does, however, posses powerful abilities that consume health instead of energy. For every one of her abilities that she installs, she gains passive health regeneration. Aura slot would be defensive polarity to accommodate the likely use of rejuvenation as an aura. The basis of her abilities are a swarm of technocyte infected nanites that she manipulates both herself and her enemies with. Some people may recognize a lot of these ideas from other concept threads. Here's a quick list of abilities that I have come up with, which are in no particular order.


- a leech health ability

- an incoming damage reduction ability (could be passive)

- an armor reduction ability(applies to enemies)

- a weapon damage reduction ability (applies to enemies)

- an aoe damage over time effect. (either follows frame or is placeable)

- an infested effect (changes non-infested enemies into their infested counterpart, weakens infested enemies)

- an alteration effect (changes powers of allied frames into a technocyte enhanced variant)

- a barrier ability

- a damage reflection ability

- a damage buff (melee only, or possibly all weapons including sentinel)


She would require a large base health pool and high armor to make up for the lack of shields, but I think that if properly balanced, she would reward skilled play as a powerful battlefield manipulation frame. Let me know what you think, and thank you for your time.

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