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(Non-harmful to gameplay) Ambassador magazine gets forever stuck in warframe's right hand


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Tagged "performance" due to not knowing what to classify model issues with. 

The new "Ambassador" Rifle's reload has a highly consistent bug where a regular-colored magazine gets stuck in the hand of a warframe for the rest of the session.

How it occurs is either when reloading the gun or interrupting a reload of the gun, it has happened every mission that I have played with the weapon as well.

Added are some images taken in a controlled captura environment where the bug also happened
^Before reloading the Ambassador
After reload^230410_20210719134731_1.png?width=1202&h230410_20210719134800_1.png?width=1202&h230410_20210719134808_1.png?width=1202&h

Again, this bug is not in any way harming gameplay and seems to only be a visual issue but I thought I'd report it anyways, as it does harm using captura, as it has to be re-started if you were to reload the weapon.

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