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Watch The Sleeping In The Cold Below Fan Cover Medley!

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Hey Tenno!

Did you catch the fan cover medley for Sleeping In The Cold Below that debuted during the TennoCon 2021 Sounds of the System Panel? In case you missed it, or want to have another listen, here it is:

Thank you to all who submitted Sleeping In The Cold Below covers for our cover collaboration project! We fit in as many as we could, with 30 performers from 13 countries squeezed into just over 3 minutes! The Tenno are truly all around the world! Here are some* of the cover versions that were included in the mash-up project. All of these covers are truly brilliant from start to finish, but they each only get a few seconds to shine in the final version, so you’ll definitely want to check out their full versions! In Order of Appearance:

Hay! (Nylon String Guitar Cover)

ARDY (feat. Hay!)

Tonkuestler NRMN (Cello Cover)

Colm McGuinness

T.MO (Korean Version)

Guts440 (Japanese Version)



Kremo (Drum Cover)

튜아의작업실 Tyua__ (Korean Version)

Momomo (Japanese Vocaloid Version)

Leokelaani_TheFox (Russian Version)

*We’ve only highlighted contributors that have publicly released their versions on YouTube. If your submission was included in the video and you’d like other Tenno to see it, feel free to post your version online and reply to this thread with the link!


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