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What Color is the Dress, but it's Warframe


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At the end of my mission I coast into Extraction, and as Yareli departs the mission we see her dress is blue and black.


But a moment later in the results screen, her dress is white and gold!


What is this? It can't be both, which is it? White and gold, or blue and black? What color is the dress?!

Post your best guess as to what's going on here. Then check the spoiler for the dress' real colors and the solution.


Here is a clear view of Yareli. Her dress is white and gold. Bonus points if you can guess the inspiration for the look (hint: keeping with the aquatic theme), check the second spoiler for the reveal.

What's happening here is that while Yareli is white and gold, Merulina is blue and black. Riding into Extraction on Merulina copied her colors onto Yareli for the cutscene.


This fashionframe is loosely based on the adorable but deadly Blue-Ringed Octopus.



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