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If you could rework Yareli


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Disclaimer: If you haven't played with Yareli I strongly advised you to grind for her first before posting.

First off on a positive note Yareli does has gameplay potential-like her 1st sea snare is able to stun and hold enemies in places as well as seek out targets. If cast with an enemy in the crosshairs at least one will lock on. But if casted and enemies aren't close enough they just float. (could be fixed by allowing caster to "pop" the bubble with gun fire to deal either impact or blast damage-any augment mod could make it gas damage)

But this would be a start seeing how her 2nd-Meruline isn't and exalted weapon so you can't mod it like a k-drive nor like Mesa Peacemakers, Valkyr's claws or etc. Also it doesn't deal damage and a bit hard to use in small areas. (If it was set up where holding 2 summons it and pressing 2 cause it to do a rush attack similar to Hydroids Tidal Surge it could work)

Yareli's 3rd ability and the only one that stands out for any good reason doesn't seems to need any charges, honestly speaking. 

Yareli's 4 pulls any enemies in a manner similar to Vauban overall but the thing is while Vauban Bastille you can shoot targets for extra damage at any point during animations.

Any ideas post below. 

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