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Weapon model disappearing + No reload


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During a Hydron run on my fifth forma affinity grind on the Tenet Diplos, the models for the weapons vanished completely, leaving me holding thin air.  After confirming with squadmates that they also could not see the guns, I realized that I was unable to reload.  The first time this happened, the models returned once I ran out of that magazine's stores and the dual autopistols began to reload on their own.  However, a few minutes later a similar issue occurred (shown in attached media): this time with the right handed gun holstered on my hip, the left gun gone, and my frame using the solo pistol idle and run animations and, again, no reloading.  However, upon hitting 0 ammo, the reload did not start.  Since these were the only weapons I had equipped, I could not do anything other than casting abilities and avoiding being pelted by enemies.  after a short while, the reload finally occurred and the issue did not happen again for the rest of the mission.  I couldn't identify a common cause for the issue, but I suspect this may be similar to the issue that would sometimes cause single handed pistols to appear dual wield when in archwing (which I believe has already been patched) and the bug that sometimes causes the Pandero (and it's Prime variant, not sure about other weapons) to be unable to fire until the player performs an ADS.


(It should be noted that during this whole clip I was running around spamming the reload key, quick melee key, anything I could that would potentially trigger the reload)

Here is a still from the original capture that shows the single pistol in the holstered position with the empty right hand: Uphws7Q.png

As a side note, I've noticed that the lock-on functionality is very erratic when joining a mission as a client.  Hosting seems to work pretty consistently, but this handicap seems to be problematic when it busts the knees of the wielder any time they are not hosting.


EDIT: The same issue happened twice again in the next mission, only this time the two handed animation was used, but the reload was still unavailable.  Reload did not happen automatically for ~ 1.5 minutes.



EDIT: This bug appears to happen on multiple weapons.  I have concluded that it is actually tied to the Dispensary ability I have subsumed onto my Nova.  Whenever I have had this bug happen, re-casting that ability causes the weapon to reappear and be able to reload.  Other abilities do not cause the reload.  I have yet to confirm whether or not the disappearance is always tied to a cast of Dispensary.

EDIT 2: I have located a consistent trigger.  Casting Dispensary immediately followed by Molecular Prime causes the weapon mesh to not reload after the Dispensary animation is completed. Once the MP animation is done, the weapon has disappeared and cannot be reloaded.

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