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Tenet Livia feedback, model issues.


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Hello, so the model issues are that it doesnt change the colour of the blade with the weapon's energy colour and the outside part of the guard is a lot darker due to that when it opens it switches the sides, so that side was suposed to be darker as it is on the inside when fold. Look bad when its unfolded though.

Also the sound of the weapon isn't too great, but maybe its just me...


While the weapon has very good stats its gimmick is a bit underwelming.

In short it is useless, as noone is really blocking with melee and there arent any other uses to that gimmick, its just when you block you have a chance to block potentialy more.

My idea would be since its rather short and quick for a "two handed nikana" to make a diffrent one, that would be more suitable, something that would fit it more, like for example... -

( I went to sleep couldnt think of any, it was late, so i encourage you to give an idea for a diffrent, more suitable gimmick for the weapon. Maybe will think tomorrow about it, but for now gn. lol )

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+1 for the blade not changing the color.


Also +1 for the note on its passive. It aint really usable due to how the game differs between melee and guns.

Youd have to hold "weapon swap" to even be able to block, wich makes it mostly unusable.

Idea: Change it to something like tatsu passive, but dont let us generate bolts per kill that can be shot with maiming, but

rather lets us get additional range (+ 0.33 or so per kill with a max charge of 3 kills like tatsu). Cause right now, the livia just feels short.

Edit: Even with Primed Reach and +Reach on my riven it has still less range than tatsu and pennant. At least it feels like it.


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