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Frame neck got long while fighting Liche Showdown - Nightmare Fuel


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Was going on killing liches after it had fled to railjack. Was doing a lot of rolling, dying, rezzing and switching to operator. Then when I stopped flailing around at the last liche, this is what I was seeing. I have no clue how to reproduce this. Once only.


Other notes:

Game was 4-player, started from Railjack UI

loadout was EmberPrime, RubicoPrime, TenetDetron, Vastilok, Panzer Vulpaphyla

game version is 30.5.4 hotfix

If a mod sees this, can this please become my avatar?


Machine is

OS Windows 11 pro 22000

CPU i7-8700




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Oh well dang, I have really no idea then, it could be that you got ragdolled a lot which caused your warframe to uhh break its neck lol. It would'veaybe been normal if you were using the zymos and there was a specter made of your frame 


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