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Nidus vs Network/Ping/Host


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With Nidus Prime coming up, this needs to be addressed. Nidus is one of my mains, but what holds him back is that a few of his abilities are night and day if you are the host or not. My biggest gripe is that his 2 ability is about 100% more efficient and snappy if you're host or not. Being host will work as intended. Not being host will grab then drop enemies in a laggy fashion well short of where his 2 was cast. This might be most evident with any "spaghetti" variant Nidus build.

I have quit many games because of this issue. With Nidus Prime on deck, this really needs to be addressed for something that has been a cancer for Nidus since his release. I can very easily make a video demonstrating this if need be.

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