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Animal Enemies could be more interesting (and I guess Stealth could be updated)


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Currently, animal enemies are just foes without finisher vulnerability that can be summoned by another unit, like Corpus' drones. It's totally suspending my disbelief, waltzing right through a cluster of Kavats or Kubrows without them sensing me whatsoever.

We should consider the option of having the animal units of the Grineer be a counterplay against our Invisible Warframes. Superior hearing, animalistic sensitivity to cloaking shimmers (invisibility), sense of smell. The animal enemies could be capable of picking up the scent Warframes that have crossed their path, or are within a short range of them, or nearby bloodshed, and could see invisibility shimmers within a range slightly farther than that, and be more sensitive to sound (bodies, like their handlers, hitting the ground)(with Banshee or Hushed Invisibility Loki as an obvious exception to being given away by audio). This would make them a more compelling foe to have to work around, equally so for both invisible and visible frames (however I'd propose some less stealth-conventional Warframes have niche counterplay back here, such as Hydroid's Undertow/Tidal-Surge, Limbo's Rift-walking, Titania's Razorwing, Nova's Wormhole, etc, not leaving scents).

Having the pets telegraph a grapple (like Kuva Jesters currently do) to signal the Warframe's current location would help reduce invisibility's effectiveness as a "Win" button, where it should really be used more tactically for stealth, rather than an infinite "no damage to self, high damage to others" state.

If we're making Stealth/invisibility more difficult or less lucrative, more of a challenge to utilize properly, it'd be appropriate to look into reworking Stealth and AI and rewards so that while the Grineer and Corrupted foes have counterplay against us, that ninja-like stealth behavior is rewarded more in Warframe by having end of mission bonuses for enemies stealth killed, overall lack of being noticed by enemies, etc, to balance out how much more resources are gotten by genociding as many enemies as possible in order to have them drop things.

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