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Yareli Tweaks


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I've been playing Yareli for the past few days (mostly on Cetus) and I've noticed several issues I personally have with her and I might have some ideas about tweaks.

Firstly, I don't have much issue when it comes to her Sea Snares and Riptide abilities; the only issue being, I wish Riptide didn't look like a spinning lightbulb.

For Aquablades, I would like to have a more range. It's good for whittling down enemies health, but it's so point blank that any ranged weapons and Riptide completely overshadow it. Unless you were to focus on using melee weapons or if you're surrounded by melee enemies, the ability really just doesn't do much; and when it comes to using melee weapons, Yareli isn't exactly the best choice frame, since she has no survivability off Merulina and cannot use melee on Merulina. Also (but this is just me), I would like Aquablades to be used on allies, something similar to Baruuk's Desolate Hands ability. Not where Yareli's blades would leave her and latch onto an ally, but send a copy of a blade to nearby allies; one per second (max 3-4 per ally).

For Merulina, it is drastically limited to what Yureli can do. Merulina is essentially an unmodable K-Drive that sacrifices her primary and melee weapons, ability to go into operator mode and being able to use Vacuum/Fetch for survivability, movement speed and jump height. Merulina is only usable for wide tilesets and open world maps (Titania would've also had a similar issue if she didn't shrink). Using vehicles on normal missions causes many problems and because Merulina is key to Yureli's survivability, this essentially means that Yureli is a purely for open world only. In all honesty, I think Merulina should be removed and simply turned into a K-Drive skin and replaced with a water armor ability that simply gives her a damage reduction and movement speed buff.

Overall, I don't really care for Yareli much. When I first saw her, I thought, "Ivara Prime copy". Her abilities have potential, but no synergy. I've never liked the K-Drive system and having been forced to do it to get Yareli, it annoyed me. It felt like some desperate attempt at getting player back into K-Drive. It feels like, next they'll make a frame that uses the Lunaro system to get players back into that.

On a side note, why does Yareli have a +200% critical chance for secondaries while moving, when her signature weapon is a secondary with almost NO critical chance? 😕💢

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